Puppy Delivery

Bravepup delivers rescue puppies to your Seattle office or event for employee wellness and stress relief. A corporate wellness program everyone loves.

We’ve brought puppy love to thousands of people at 200+ offices including Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and more.

Best day at work ever!


Events Include

  • 5 puppies

  • Floor cover, playpens, toys, treats, etc.

  • Snuggle sessions or open group participation

  • Transportation, setup, supervision, and cleanup

  • Adoption opportunity for employees

  • Fundraiser to sponsor a rescue puppy


Sponsor a Puppy Fundraiser

  • Sponsor a puppy’s rescue and flight costs from a high-kill shelter in Georgia.

  • Every $1000 raised sponsors a puppy and saves a life!

  • Choose the puppy’s name and once rescued, we’ll bring him or her by for a special visit to meet everyone.

  • Includes a custom fundraiser page or raise funds internally through your company’s donation platform.



Request a date and time for your event below or call/text 206-928-8008 to schedule.