Our Mission

Bravepup is a Seattle-based nonprofit founded in 2015. Our mission is to save lives and improve health and well-being through positive human-animal interaction.

Puppy Delivery Program

We bring adoptable rescue puppies to businesses and organizations in the Seattle area for employee health and wellness. A puppy delivery is a fun and innovative way to relieve stress and boost morale, all while contributing to a good cause. Puppies are between 8-16 weeks old, a stage of development called the socialization window when they need lots of positive socialization and exposure to become confident, well-socialized dogs. Lack of socialization is the number one cause of euthanasia for unwanted adult dogs. Donations from puppy delivery events help us rescue and transport puppies (and moms too) from overcrowded, high-kill shelters in the South. 

Rescue Program

Due to a lack of spaying and neutering, the South is full of unwanted and abandoned puppies. It's common for a litter of puppies to be euthanized due to shelter crowding and risk of disease transmission. We rescue both sick and healthy puppies from rural Georgia, rehabilitate, and transport them on a Bravepup freedom flight to Seattle. While in foster care in Seattle, puppies receive lots of love and socialization at events and find loving forever homes.

Sponsor a Puppy

Save a life by donating or raising funds to sponsor and name a rescue puppy. Your contribution will help fund your sponsor puppy's rescue and freedom flight to Seattle. Once your puppy is rescued, you'll receive a rescue update, a photo, and we can bring him or her by for a special visit.