Who We Are

We are a Seattle nonprofit dedicated to improving health and well-being through positive, human-animal interaction.

What We Do

We rescue puppies from overcrowded kill shelters in the South. They hop aboard a Bravepup Freedom Flight to Seattle, where they find loving forever homes and become well-socialized, PNW pups. While in foster care, the puppies visit local offices, raising funds and helping more puppies in need.

Puppy deliveries provide positive socialization and exposure for rescue puppies during their first few months, a critical time in their development. In return, puppies provide a fun and innovative way to boost employee morale and relieve stress during the busy work week.

Why the South

Due to excellent spay and neuter rates in Seattle, the demand for puppies is very high. Unfortunately, this means many families are unable to adopt a rescue puppy and end-up supporting other, less humane sources of dogs. In the meantime, high kill shelters in southern states regularly euthanize entire litters of unwanted and abandoned puppies.