Where do you deliver puppies to?

Businesses, organizations and private events in the Seattle area.

What happens at a puppy delivery?

Puppy deliveries are fun, positive, hands-on events. Puppies play, socialize, snuggle and show off for a chance to be adopted. Best day at work ever!

Can you protect our floors?

Yes, we can set up a floor cover and playpen to protect against any puppy accidents.

Where do the puppies come from?

We rescue puppies from overcrowded, high-kill shelters in the South. Most puppies come from shelters in rural Georgia.

Where do the puppies stay?

The puppies live in volunteer foster homes until adoption.

What happens when the puppies grow up?

We have a 100% adoption rate and find great homes before they grow up, usually within weeks of being rescued.

How do I adopt?

Submit an adoption application online. Please note, we don't do adoptions on-site.